COCO Mango

A Premium Craft Ready-to-Drink Mango Margarita Malt Beverage

COCO Mango

A Refreshing Premium Craft Ready-to-Drink Mango Margarita Malt Beverage.  Light & Refreshing, COCO Mango is a Low Carb, Low Calorie, Slightly Carbonated Beverage Made with Premium All Natural Ingredients.  The Proprietary Premium Malt has a smooth and crisp taste and at 5.5% ABV COCO Mango packs the right punch.  Try COCO Mango straight from a chilled 12oz Sleek Can, Over Ice or as a Mixer with your favorite Spirit.

coconut-bullet All Natural Flavors

coconut-bullet Low Carb (7g) & Low Calorie (130)

coconut-bullet Contains 70% All Natural Tender Green Coconut Water

coconut-bullet GrandFusion by NutriFusion

coconut-bullet All Natural African Mango Seed

coconut-bullet 5.5% ABV from Premium Malt

coconut-bullet Carbonated

Nutrition Information Tab:
Serving Size: 12oz
Calories:  131
Carbohydrates: 7 grams
Protein: 0.80 grams
Potassium: 292 mg
Sodium: 75 mg
Fat: 0.3 grams
Fiber: <0.1 grams
Ash: 0.50%



Nature’s Only Premium Ready-to-Drink Craft Malt Beverage

Green coconut with water splash isolated on white

COCO Cocktail sources the highest quality and best tasting 100% All Natural Tender Coconut Water from India, the third largest producer of coconut water in the world.  Coconut water is known as an Excellent Source of Electrolytes: Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Chloride.

Natural Coconut Water

Updated GrandFusion

GrandFusion is a certified proprietary blend of fruits that can significantly increase the nutritional profile of food, beverage and snack products.  NutriFusion has created a U.S. patented process to blend fruits while maintaining their nutritional integrity.  GrandFusion has been issued multiple U.S. FDA Claims as an All Natural Source of multiple Vitamins & Minerals.

GrandFusion by NutriFusion


100% All Natural African Mango Seed Extract 5:1 is know for its several potential mechanisms against obesity include; Inhibitory effect on the enzyme glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase involved in converting glucose to stored fat.  African Mango Seed Extract has been GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Certified by the U.S. FDA since the 1960’s.

African Mango Seed Extract

The COCO Cocktail Story

Nature’s Only Premium Crafted Ready-to-Drink Malt Beverage

The Story

An Unmet Consumer Need

Consumers today are demanding more from the products they eat and drink across all categories including alcoholic beverages and rightfully so.  Increased concerns over food and ingredient safety and heightened awareness of the global obesity and diabetic epidemics have put the responsibility firmly in the laps of producers to address these consumer concerns.  Consumer desire for great tasting products made with Premium and All Natural Ingredients that are also low in carbohydrates and calories have only accelerated over the past ten years.  This trend in consumer demand has been witnessed in the growth of the Craft Beer market and in Non-alcoholic beverages including fresh pressed juices and coconut water.

The Birth of COCO Cocktail

Healthy Beverages, LLC Co-Founders, Franz Tudor and Todd Shull, had a vision to provide consumers with the First and Only Premium Craft Product Offering in the Ready-to-Drink Malt market.  The RTD category has historically been defined by products with high sugar content leading to elevated amounts of carbohydrates and calories, in addition to a myriad of artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors.

Utilizing Mr. Tudor’s +15 years of experience in the healthcare industry and Mr. Shull’s +15 years of experience in the field of fitness and nutrition, COCO Cocktail was born from the simple premise of providing consumers with a Great Tasting product that while convenient as a Ready-to-Drink beverage, offered only the highest quality and beneficial ingredients.  There are absolutely NO ARTIFICIAL ingredients, flavors or sweeteners in any Healthy Beverages Products including COCO Cocktail.

Ingredients Do Matter

Coconut Water

COCO Cocktail is not simply a coconut water based beverage, there is much more to it.  COCO Cocktail does contain the highest amount of coconut water per serving compared to any alcoholic beverage currently on the market.  70% of every 12oz sleek can of COCO Cocktail contains 100% All Natural Coconut Water sourced from India, the third largest producing nation of coconut water in the world, creating the core base for the product.  The global consumption of Non-alcoholic coconut water has increased significantly over the past five years as consumers became aware of the many benefits associated with consuming the refreshing beverage, especially the morning after a night of excessive celebration.  When drinking a COCO Mango one can’t help but feel invigorated by the refreshing taste of the 100% All Natural Coconut Water in a COCO Cocktail.


GrandFusion by NutriFusion

Mixing Coconut Water with alcohol is not a new concept.  Anyone who has traveled to the Caribbean in the past 50 years will attest, as tourists commonly drink fruity cocktails mixed into and consumed directly from green coconuts.  Healthy Beverage’s wanted to give consumers more of what they desired and in the search for Premium and Beneficial ingredients, GrandFusion was discovered.  Produced by US based NutriFusion, GrandFusion is a patented and proprietary blend of All Natural Fruits.  GrandFusion’s proprietary process maintains the nutritional integrity of the fruit and has been granted a number of approved nutritional claims by the US FDA.  GrandFusion has been used in a number of food products and non-alcoholic beverages to naturally enhance their nutritional profiles.  COCO Cocktail is the only alcoholic product offering to incorporate GrandFusion.

All Natural African Mango Seed Extract 5:1

As combining All Natural Coconut Water and GrandFusion were not enough, Healthy Beverages sought to push the limits of their formulation providing the consumer with a complete product offering.  African Mango Seed Extract has been popularized by many mainstream nutrition and weight loss experts for its beneficial properties.  COCO Cocktail incorporates only the highest quality African Mango Seed Extract by utilizing the 5:1 concentration.  Adding All Natural African Mango Seed Extract 5:1 further established COCO Mango as a first-in-class product.

Premium Malt

Healthy Beverages has aligned its operations with a long established and high quality brewer.  The malt is a Proprietary and Premium blend made specifically for COCO Cocktail.  The malt has a smooth and clean taste and each 12oz COCO Cocktail is 5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume).

The Finished Product

The combination of these many All Natural and Premium Ingredients and the right amount of carbonation produces the first Premium Craft Ready-to-Drink Malt Beverage, COCO Mango.  Sold in 4-Packs of 12oz Sleek Cans, COCO Mango is a Light & Refreshing Low Carb (7g) and Low Calorie (130) beverage.  Whether you drink COCO Mango straight from the can, over ice or as a mixer with your favorite spirit, the great flavor and refreshment from the proprietary blend of ingredients are certain to quench you desire every time.